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9 Mar, 2013

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Microsoft© - "At Work"


"At Work" is the term used to describe Microsoft's goal to remove the concept of privacy, security and stability by running unknown/poorly designed services on a user's system that present potential holes for hackers to slip into the system in order to nab passwords, files or whatever that user might want.

It also describes the way Microsoft takes industry standards and manipulates them so that the standards no longer work across the board but only with other MS based systems so that MS Windows looks like the more functional product while destabilizing any competitor's product. This 'lock-in' forces the customer to buy more Windows systems instead of a more stable competitive product.

The latest permutation of the ultimate 'lock-in' is the advent of Microsoft 360©. Sure 90 bucks a year sounds great, and you can have it on up to 5 systems - WOW!! Now lets move the clock forward a few years - you now are unable to migrate to anything else, because you are now slaved to new formats/features that are un-portable, by design! See 'Pay as You Go' below.....

BEWARE of the MS lock-in!!

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