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8 Mar, 2013

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  The Information Page

For Starters:

Who is Henri, anyway? What does he do? What are the things he thinks about?

Well, I'm Henri. I'm a retired hardware/software engineer by trade. I've worked in the computer and telecommunications industries doing everything from putting together raised floors for systems, installing all sorts of electrionic equipment, hardware and software design/development, and to management of various telecommunications related organizations.

My most recent thoughts are about the state of our country, the USA. I am very dissapointed in the direction we are heading in, and I believe if it does not to turn around soon, our future is quite dim. We are at 'the point of no return' folks, and our children will never know or feel the wonderful days of what this country was, unless we stand toghether soon and say ';enough'!

The Job(s):

After a 4 year stint in the US Navy, I worked for Burroughs Corp, then Internationlal Telegraph and Telephone, and lastly General Electric. I retired from GE in 1997 after 32 years of service.

Now I 'work' (that's what i tell SWMBO anyway) in my shop on variouis woodworking projects. There is more in 'The Miscellany' section...

The Miscellany:

Ok, so much for work... what do I like to do in my spare time?

Well, I like to work on various projects at home, which includes some 'honey-do' projects (see the projects page). I also like to be outdoors when weather permits. In the nice weather I love to sit on the porch with my wife, Annie, and watch the sunsets, and the various wildlife. In the colder weather we like to build a fire in the outside firepit and have 'somores', and watch the stars when they are out.

So what does 'various projects' include? Photography, woodworking, fishing and outside stuff, which does not include grass - we have none!

Photography: I enjoy nature photography, mosly birds. After living on the coast (SC) for several years I was able to really expand my collection. Some of them can be seen on my photography site at www.themonniers.com.

Woodworking: I've been doing this one for many years. Projects have ranged in size from book-ends to building a garage/shop. Some of the projects can be seen on 'Projects Page'.

Fishing: For some reason, in the last year or so I just have not 'made' the time to get the jon boat out and get it wet. Every spring, I clean it up, get the batteries out and charged up, run the motor for a while to be sure it's running OK. This issue MUST be addressed this spring!!

Outside Stuff: Well this one should have been named 'SWMBO Projects". Most of the outside projects are related to flower beds, general yard cleanup, etc.. We live in the mountains of North Carolina, just about on the Tennessee border. The 'yard' is mostly trees, and leaf covered ground, NO grass, we have Roundup for that.

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